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Ever had that sinking feeling while standing in front of shelves full of wine bottles, and not knowing which one to choose? Nowadays there are hundreds of options lined up in beautifully labelled arrays. Yet it’s difficult to know when a wine suits both the palate and pocket. That’s where the Best Value Wine Guide has become an invaluable tool over the past decade. It takes the sweat out of making that decision.

If you see a Best Value sticker on a bottle, you’ll know that: the wine has been subjected to a rigorous judging process by a panel of professional wine tasters, it has rated a minimum of 21⁄2 stars out of a potential 5, and that it is one of 472 wines (of nearly 1 000 submitted for the Best Value competition) to have made it into the 2014 Best Value Wine Guide.

So, next time you’re standing in front of those shelves mulling over the wines, don’t be daunted or discouraged. Just look for the cheery red Best Value sticker. It’s an easy way of spotting a great wine bargain that’s been taste-tested and given a stamp of approval.

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View the 2013 winners. Something to suit every taste.

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‘V’ ratings explained

Using the retail price and star rating, a Value score is calcultated for each wine.

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2013 competition rules

The Best Value competition adheres to strict entry rules and is independently audited to ensure fairness and accuracy.

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Best Value

Best Value Rating System

The thinking is simple. If you have two wines with the same quality rating - say 3 stars - within a category, one costing R30 and the other costing R60, which is the better purchase? Obviously the R30 wine.

So each wine rated was divided by its star rating, providing a price per star of quality. The wines were then ranked from lowest price per star to highest price per star, within each category. The wine with the lowest price paid per star is thus the best value purchase in that category.

V20 / V19 The highest possible Value scores. These wines are our Best Value award winners and judged to be the best value for money of all wines entered.

V18 (and below) Wines with a Value score of 18 or less do not win a Best Value award, but may still be excellent wines. Only wines rated above 2-and-a-half stars were judged.
Quality Ratings
5 Stars

Superlative wine, top class, a masterpiece

4 Stars

Excellent, wine of distinction (4-and-a-half stars is on the cusp of 5 stars)

3 Stars

Good (3 stars) to very good (3-and-a-half stars). Fine character and style

2 Stars

Average, appealing *

1 Stars

Acceptable, ordinary *

Half Star

Half a star, as in 2-and-a-half stars, 3-and-a-half stars, 4-and-a-half stars

* Wines rated lower than 2-and-a-half stars were not eligible for inclusion in the 2013 Best Value Wine Guide.