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Koelenhof Koelenhoffer Sauvignon Blanc 2013

V20 4 Stars From R30.00

This Stellenbosch-based cellar has frequently appeared in this guide. As you’d expect from such a high-quality rating, this isn’t a..

Saint Vincent Crisp and lively NV

V20 3 Stars From R25.99

Not only did this wine get the nod because of its price and appealing character, but also because it ticks a box for a friendly 12.5%..

Herons Nest Reserve Chardonnay 2013

V20 3.5 Stars From R24.50

Remarkable quality at this price, Heron’s Nest from Clos Malverne in Stellenbosch impressed the judges with richly textured flavours of..

BC Wines Chenin Blanc 2012

V20 2.5 Stars From R20

A former Best Value Winery, Brandvlei Cellar in the Breede River Valley, shows a deft touch with this ever-popular grape. Robust, bold..

Goedverwacht Crane white Chardonnay 2010

V20 3 Stars From R25

A wine from Goedverwacht Estate, a family-owned farm near Bonnievale in the Klein Karoo. Lovely golden hue in the glass. Rich peach and..

Bain’s Way Viognier 2011

V20 3 Stars From R24

An appealing nuttiness on the nose tempts one to sample this Viognier from Wellington winery Bain’s Way. It more than delivers in the..

Orange River Cellars Colombard 2013

V20 2.5 Stars From R26.45

Although the Robertson area made Colombard famous, it seems that Orange River Cellars is challenging that reputation. One of South..

Flutterby Sauvignon Blanc 2012

V20 3.5 Stars From R25

Boland Kelder is doing its bit for the environment by packaging its Flutterby range in eco-friendly PET bottles. On this Sauvignon example,..

Unbelievable Dry White 2013

V20 2.5 Stars From R21.99

In spite of the name, this wine is Chenin Blanc. It’s part of a Gravel Junction unlabelled range produced by Mount Vernon in Klapmuts,..

Versus White 2012

V20 3.5 Stars From R23

Made up of Chenin Blanc, Colombar and a dash of Muscat, this wine easily lives up to its name, but goes beyond it too. Flavours are peach..

Martinique Johannisberger 2011

V20 2.5 Stars From R22

Breedekloof estate Du Preez continually surprises with the value it has on offer – as well as some of the unusual and interesting blends..

Saint Morand Fruity White NV

V20 2.5 Stars From R25.99

Astonishingly, two white blends from DGD’s Saints range won Value Awards this year. The Saint Morand is a semi-sweet, and again, the name..

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Best Value

Best Value Rating System

The thinking is simple. If you have two wines with the same quality rating - say 3 stars - within a category, one costing R30 and the other costing R60, which is the better purchase? Obviously the R30 wine.

So each wine rated was divided by its star rating, providing a price per star of quality. The wines were then ranked from lowest price per star to highest price per star, within each category. The wine with the lowest price paid per star is thus the best value purchase in that category.

V20 / V19 The highest possible Value scores. These wines are our Best Value award winners and judged to be the best value for money of all wines entered.

V18 (and below) Wines with a Value score of 18 or less do not win a Best Value award, but may still be excellent wines. Only wines rated above 2-and-a-half stars were judged.
Quality Ratings
5 Stars

Superlative wine, top class, a masterpiece

4 Stars

Excellent, wine of distinction (4-and-a-half stars is on the cusp of 5 stars)

3 Stars

Good (3 stars) to very good (3-and-a-half stars). Fine character and style

2 Stars

Average, appealing *

1 Stars

Acceptable, ordinary *

Half Star

Half a star, as in 2-and-a-half stars, 3-and-a-half stars, 4-and-a-half stars

* Wines rated lower than 2-and-a-half stars were not eligible for inclusion in the 2013 Best Value Wine Guide.